Enz Lister's S54 E30 M3 Recreation

Enz set out to build an E30 M3 from the ground up, adding his own personal touches along the way. Whilst being an incredibly labour intensive project, the hard work paid off and we're proud of the final outcome. 

The beginning

Enz's build is a story of passion and resilience, providing us with challenge after challenge, but it ultimately gave us the opportunity to build an incredibly in depth project to his exact specification. 

Although I've included a very brief description here, I recommend checking out the full build vlog on CarLubeTV's Youtube Channel.


The Shell

The car originally came to us with a fibreglass M3 replica kit, which had been poorly installed, leaving a lot to be desired. The original metalwork underneath had been mangled and the structural integrity of the car was compromised. 

Due to this, our first course of action was extensive repair work, removing any rust, replacing internal structures, and installing genuine M3 rear quarters and front bumper slide mounts. 

Engine & Drivetrain

Sourced from an E46 M3, the S54 is our favourite choice for the E30 chassis. It looks great, sounds great and performs even better. To match the rest of the car, this engine had a full rebuild before the final install.

Enz opted for a manual 5 speed gearbox matched up to a medium case 188 3.15 ratio LSD to deliver the power to the road.



To further upgrade the chassis, E36 M3 Evo front suspension was chosen, along with the 318ti rear axle. This allows for 5 stud wheels, a host of different brake upgrades, and when paired with our engine bed kits - the original rear loading, dual pickup sump/oil pan.

We opt for Bilstein shocks or coilovers where possible, and Eibach springs. They provide the best driving experience for fast road/light track use from the companies we have tested and for these reasons, we opted to use them on Enz's build.


Due to the rarity of finding an original E30 M3 C pillar, we opted to install one of our carbon fibre gel coat items, which was then painted. This is also the case for the boot lid.

The roof skin itself was replaced with exposed weave carbon fibre and an original steel support brace. 

Again, due to availability, we opted to fit our fibreglass front bumper, air ducts, rear bumper and sideskirts. 

Interior 1.jpg
Interior 2_edited.jpg


The goal for the interior was "clean, tasteful and track-day orientated", with the availability to convert it back into a family friendly car. 
For these reasons, the half-cage is bolt in, the rear seat delete is removeable and the original rear seats will slot straight back in as standard, and all seatbelt mounting holes available. 
Featured towards the rear is our exposed weave parcel shelf.



It has been a privilege to work alongside Enz whilst building this car and we're all incredibly happy with how it turned out, especially as we were able to fully revive an almost too-far-gone car in the process.
We thoroughly enjoy these S54 E30 builds, but have something equally special lined up for Enz in the near future.