Nian's E30 M3 S54

Built back in 2015, Nian's S54 swapped E30 M3 has continued to perform excellently, whether on track or on the road, and to this day it still exceeds our expectations. 


Nian's S54 swapped E30 M3 is probably the most well known build we've carried out. With over 6 years of consistent track use, plus driving to and from, this car set the benchmark for quality, reliability and performance for us as a company. 

If you've had the pleasure of seeing this car in person, I'm sure you will understand how proud we are of this build.


Body and Aerodynamics

The main focus for Nian's build has always been maximising efficiency without compromising the core driving dynamics. 
To achieve this, we have spent a lot of time improving the aerodynamics and weight of the vehicle, namely adding carbon fibre undertrays and replacing metal front end panels with carbon fibre counterparts. 
The rear arches have been slightly widened to fit a wider wheel, along with installation of a huge rear diffuser to keep the car planted.

Engine & Drivetrain

At the heart of the E30 is an S54B32, sourced from an E46 M3. To ensure this engine performs as expected, we carried out the following:

  • Schrick camshafts and followers

  • Full refresh of the engine bearings

  • Oil pump refresh

  • External Peterson oil pressure valve

  • Vanos rebuild

  • Karbonius inlet plenum

  • CSL ECU remap, which includes deleting the air mass metre and fitting a MAP sensor. 

This is mated to the E46 M3's manual 6 speed gearbox, delivering power to the medium case LSD through a single piece carbon propshaft.



Nian chose Intrax coilovers, along with our Prodrive front struts, which replicate the original offsets. These have been designed to work alongside E46 M3 front discs, E38 728i Brembo callipers and E39 wheel bearings, which are all robust yet easy to source and cost effective to replace.
 Moving on to the rear, you will find a Z3M axle, which is in the process of being upgraded to the 1992 DTM spec rear axle. This will allow for rose joints on the rear, giving a much larger range of adjustment and enable Nian to set up his car exactly how he'd like.