BMW E30 Subframe - Kit 2

BMW E30 Subframe - Kit 2

Kit 2 includes the following items:
- Custom made engine bed
- Engine mounts
- Extended spline bar
- Stainless steel heater matrix pipes
- Servo relocation kit
- E30 Gearbox mount to fit the 6 speed gearbox


This kit has been designed by specialists in house to enable you to install a S50 or S54 engine into your E30, keeping the original E30 4 stud or E30 M3 5 stud suspension. We started making these kits to simplify the conversions carried out in our workshop. Below I have explained each component and its use in detail.


The engine bed has been developed to bolt straight up to the original mounting points. These are finished in matte black and will always come with new bolts. Our engine beds have been fully race track tested for the last 5 years and we have never had an issue.

All of our subframe kits are made to fit with your original oil pan/sump to stop oil starvation. When fitting a S50 or S54 lump to an E30 chassis, the car accelerates very quickly which a lot of kits do not account for. If you use an E34 5 series front loader oil pan, the oil will actually leave the oil pickup and your engine will run dry. This is obviously not good so we modified the front subframe to keep the twin pickup.

Engine mounts are supplied, including the rubber components and these are made specific to fit alongside each engine bed. The rubber component we use is shorter and stiffer than the E34 mounts which are commonly used in a conversions like this. The reason for this is that the E34 mounts make the engine sit too high and enable too much engine movement, especially in cornering, which can cause the exhaust manifold to come into contact with the steering column, fully locking it in place.

When installing this kit, you will find that your OEM steering column spline bar is slightly too short, which is why we supply you with a new, slightly longer one. This is supplied with the 2
UJ's for an easy install.

Due to the plenum chamber on the S50 and S54, you will find that you cannot use the original heater matrix pipes to run hot water. Included in this kit is a set of stainless steel pipes, which completely replace the original plastic ones. They have been made to hold the heater control valve and allow you to run hot water to the heater matrix, completely avoiding the S50/S54 plenum chamber.

Another problem lies within the location of the brake master cylinder and servo. The plenum chamber makes it difficult to run a standard setup, so we supply a relocation kit which will work alongside a MK2 Renault Clio brake servo and brake master cylinder, however we do NOT supply either of these.

Lastly, we supply a gearbox mount designed for the 6 speed gearbox which is used to... mount the gearbox.

If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are happy to supply some of these parts individually to meet your needs.

We can also provide a full kit for a E36 M3 EVO suspension setup.

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